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Are all tattoos off limit for Barb, or just ones that are obviously femdom-related? Because you could always just get him something beautifully feminine? Or maybe a lower back tattoo (aka tramp stamp) to show everyone he's your little tramp xx


Oh, he has several tattoos, full back and a nearly complete sleeve. As a matter of fact I spent about 5 hours under the needle yesterday… and lots of ibuprofen today!


We need more female Doctors… smiles.


We need more female Doctors… smiles.

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Forget every dissipation you ever came across - no kind of procrastination will beat THIS kinky game!

When I stumbled into this, I really couldn’t believe it. It’s a if somebody managed to leech my mind screen and transform it to a flash video game.

The task is easy to understand:
Make this blondie thrust the cock down her throat until she get’s cummed on.

Though I’m sure you’re eager to try it out, let me give you some useful hints:
• it’s not the depth that counts but the fast pace,
• a steady rhythm is more effective than a long hold up,
• swallow if you want - but that will spoil the show! ;-)

How delightful this game is
Let’s begin with the design: This blonde is quite a beauty sight, the cock too. And her facial expression on the job grands a vast variety: from wide-opened eyes, looking kinda frightened over blink and squint to rolled-up eye-balls that look like she’s going to pass out, lacking air to breath. (Don’t be afraid, it won’t happen.) But that’s not all: Very soon her make-up becomes messy, wetting eyes making the kajal go runny. Her spit spills all over, dripping out of her mouth, covering the shaft with sticky ropes. The most astounding thing is, the saliva appears so realistic. It splashes around if you move to hefty, but stretches to hunky lengths when you retreat carefully from the cock’s head.
And then there’s the climax: As a cum connoisseur, I first was a bit disappointed how the quirts looked. But then I got what’s the point: playin’ aint over aver he pumps it onto you face. You have quite a lot of opportunities to play out the comeshot: Let it splatter your face that it becomes almost unrecognizable, or get a little closer to let it drip from your chin and splash on your breast. And now you realize the coolest feature of all: You can behold how the cum stains dry on your skin! In the course of time you’ll observe how it becomes more and more transparent - and now it looks far more realistic. And the best thing is, you can suck right on, no wilt at all to be seen on the spent cock. So be quick and see how soon you can make the stud refresh you creamy topping.

Last but not least I warmly recommend enjoying this game with headphones!
The sound design it such a blast - if this does not bring your juices to boil, nothin’ else will do. This gulping and coughing and gagging and gasping - it’s so arousing you don’t even need the sight, actually!

So bring it on - it played it for three rounds and had to force myself to stop. Honestly, I could play this game for hours without getting bored.

Did I mention that you can configure almost everything - even the skin color, hairdo or if she has to wear lipstick to smear all over the prick? They really thought of everything!

i LOVE this game! However, i have not been able to make him shoot in “Her” mouth yet. i do love the sound effects though and can really empathize with Her, as evidenced by the excitement i feel in my dick as She gags. :-)


We are back on our path.  Finally.

Making the decision not to breed my husband, yet, made getting him back into chastity a whole lot easier.  He was not happy to find that he no longer owns any mens underwear but that’s fine.  We need to start moving him away from the idea of being a “man”.  

While I have been very excited about this transition, it has none the less not been easy.  There was a lot of work involved in getting things ready and even more mental/emotional work.  Getting ones mind back into a truly dominant role takes a bit of doing.  I need to create a separation between us and remind not only him, but myself as well that he is not my equal.

I ended up taking the paddle to him last night.  He hadn’t done anything wrong.  I think I did it more for myself than anything else.  I had to take it pretty far to really start getting my mind right and I think he is going to have some bruising this morning.   

Why does the lifestyle have to be permanent permeanent for your husband to get a temporary tattoo? He can stop maintaining it during his vacations.


Because that is what I decided. 

We are a mid age couple. For about 2 years I have experimented with disciplines but only at the end started on his balls. Big mistake waiting so long. It works better than anything else and faster. We live around Seattle and I found 2 women our age who wanted to play with him & 3 of us have such a good time with his balls. My aim is to drive out as much manliness as possible. Now he pleads and whimpers and behaves so nice. Happy chastity day!!!!


I am so glad that you have had a chance to see the light!

Since you are “mid age” there is probably a pretty good chance that he doesn’t “need” his balls any more, which opens up so many possibilities for you and your friends, and I say you try them all!

Balls are wonderful things!  They will drive a man to endure more humiliation and pain than is reasonable for the chance that you MIGHT let them cum.

Balls are like a dog; they will endure 6 days of abuse just to get you to stroke them on the 7th.

I love the stories you post and am excited to see how your domination of your husband progresses. I'm curious how your husband communicated his consent for this new phase of your lives together.

I’m sorry to dodge your question here, but I have decided that for the most part, I am going to keep that kind of communication between my husband and I, between my husband and I.  What I have learned is that there is a large group of people out there that feel that if communications between my husband and I don’t meet with their approval then it is their responsibility inundate my inbox with messages on how I should run MY marriage. 

Not that you owe me any thing off this but I was expecting fireworks and all kinds of online fanfare when that countdown clock hit zero. Oh well. Have fun!

Let me tell you, changing a lifestyle is a lot of work!  I’ve got my hands full right now trying to regain control of a situation that had gotten out of hand!

Yes, today is the big, long awaited day!

I started this post yesterday afternoon and then got busy following through with some of its content.  So I am posting it after the fact.

The day I get to lock my husband back into chastity and re-assume my rightful place at the front of this relationship.

I put his little cage on his useless little boy penis at 7:00 am this morning and there it will stay until March 16, 2015 keeping it happily out of sight and out of mind and out of the way for 34 glorious weeks!

That is 8 1/2 uninterrupted months of me leading this relationship where I think it needs to go!

The first thing I did after he left for work this morning was clean out his underwear drawer and put all of his boy’s underwear out in the trash bin.  Today is trash day so they are GONE!   (I did save two pair in case of and emergency.  I am keeping them in a lock box that I found at Goodwill!)

Then I went to Walmart and bought him a drawer full of fresh new girl panties!

On a more somber note.  I think I need to take a belt to him tonight.  I really don’t have a reason to punish him, but I think it is what is best for both of to re-establish our roles.  I am not happy about it but I think it needs to be done. 


I was really looking forward to getting back to breeding my husband to our black stud, as was Tony (and apparently quite a number of people who read this blog!) but I think I am going to wait on that. 

My husbands ejaculations are completely unnecessary and I need to get him (both of us really) to the point where they are just an afterthought.  He needs to find his sexual satisfaction in the pleasure he gives and not receives. 

So what I have decided is that for the first 4 to 8 weeks, with the exception of clinical prostate milking, there will be NO emission of semen from him whatsoever.  None, not a drop.  As he tends to ejaculate through anal penetration, I am going to have to put a temporary hold on all pegging and breeding.   I DON’T want him cumming and if that is the price I have to pay to keep it from happening, then I’ll have to pay it. 

I do need his sexual need and frustration heightened though, so I am also ORDERING him to start looking at more porn and posting to this page.  I am not censoring his content, he can me as sexist, or misogynistic as he wants as long as he post.

The only real physical sexual pleasure I want to give him at this point is from rimming.  It feels good, draws his sexual focus away from his penis and concentrates it where it is supposed to be for him, and leave him wanting more.  My hope is that by the end of this period he is going to be begging to be bred.

I think this makes the whole BBC/cuckolding thing pretty self explanatory.


That’s it. Cry for me, little bitch. I know those are just tears of recognition - recognition that this is your ultimate purpose, and you get to fulfill it now.

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